CIP Industries cc was established in 1986 as a moulded packaging manufacturing concern. CIP designed and developed its own line of cold chain boxes, Frigivac®, which is supplied to the pharmaceutical industry and logistics companies and is used primarily in the transportation and distribution of temperature-sensitive vaccines, cold chain products and perishables.
CIP has also supplied various international aid organisations such as JICA, the WHO and UNICEF, which require cold chain solutions for the distribution of vaccines and medicines in their international relief endeavours.

CIP Industries Frigivac


CIP Industries cc designs, manufactures and supplies custom cold chain solutions and moulded packing systems for the transportation and storage of:

  • Pharmaceuticals and vaccines
  • Whole blood (blood plasma, platelets, etc.)
  • Human and Animal Specimens
  • Perishable goods
  • Fragile goods or any product requiring moulded protection.

Value Added Cold Chain Solutions:

  • Ice packs (solid and flexible) for cold chain purposes.
  • Phase change material can be supplied in blow moulded bottles.

In-house systems and facilities:

  • Research and Design which allows for the designing of custom solutions to suit individual customers’ needs.
  • Cold chain testing chamber
  • Vac forming
  • Basic Screen-Printing solutions
  • Die Cutting
  • Form, fill and seal for gel packs
  • Supply and Fill blow moulded ice packs
CIP Industries cc Frigivac

Who We Serve

CIP Industries understands that clients have unique requirements and is thus able to develop custom-made products designed to client-specific needs.

Pharmaceutical and Biological Manufacturers
CIP Supplies Frigivac® cold boxes for the logistics of pharmaceuticals.

Clinical Trial Distribution
CIP provides pre-qualified Frigivac® cold boxes for clinical drugs and vaccines that maintains them within a strict temperature range and safe from breakages.

CIP manufactures Frigivac® cold boxes for the transportation of human and animal specimens. These Frigivac® cold boxes keep the specimens at the required temperatures.

Blood and Plasma Products
CIP supplies the South African Blood Services industry with custom-designed blow-moulded reusable cold chain boxes for its integrated blood supply system.

CIP Industries Frigivac

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